Disney Pixar Shorts and God’s Creativity

The Lord said to me: “that’s all it takes. One touch from me and you will be changed. One touch and you will explode with beautiful healing…”


We are big fans of Disney in our house. Recently we have been watching our DVDs of Pixar’s animated shorts. They are all so amazing and creative and inspired. I am always in awe of people who can create stories like these. One that I have always thought was really cute is La Luna. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it here now!

La Luna is a great short. After watching it, I always thought, “oh that was cute!” It’s not even my favorite one. But during my last counseling session the Lord used it to both bring me comfort and remind me of his ability to bring me further than I could ever think to go on my own.

There is a part in La Luna where the little boy (whose Dad and Grandpa are showing the ropes) touches a star and light ripples through it. It just takes one touch. I think he thought that the star’s reaction was normal. It was his first time up there. But, turns out it is a gift. My counselor and I were praying and I immediately saw this image in my mind. It takes just one touch from my Father to change me.


Later in La Luna, the family was trying to dislodge a giant star that landed on the surface of the moon. They worked late into the night using all of the tools they had on hand that they knew to use. They couldn’t make it budge. Meanwhile, the little boy was watching, waiting for his elders to figure it out. Suddenly he realized he had an idea. He crawled up to the top of this giant star and struck it with a hammer and it explodes!


The Lord said to me: “that’s all it takes. One touch from me and you will be changed. One touch and you will explode with beautiful healing. You have worked hard, long into the night with all of the tools at your disposal, and all you need is a strike from my hammer. You are capable of more than you know. You have so much in you that you haven’t even tapped yet. Just wait, you will be free to be who I made you to be.”

I imagine myself falling, comfortable, at peace because it is Jesus who exploded me in his mercy. I am safe. I have been healed. I am being healed. And I will be healed.

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